B.O.S.S Building on Strengths and Solutions

Our Aim

        To focus on children and young peoples strengths and abilities, helping them to build on their 

resilience and problem solving skills


Students are encouraged to work towards their targets by setting themselves small achievable goals using number scales. The sessions concentrate on each individual students best hopes, what they are already doing well and how they can use those skills to help them move forward. Student’s become more self-aware of their achievements no matter how small they may be, and learn to expand on them. Coping strategies are also incorporated into the sessions to help students cope with any bumps in the road. Students become aware of their own behaviours and how it positively or negatively affects themselves and others around them. 


  • The team will liaise with Key members of staff to discuss progress, new targets and any challenges
  • The team will offer tips/advice to class teachers, where needed, to support relationship building, helping students work towards their best hopes and any behavioural issues
  •  Students attending B.O.S.S are taught how to self-evaluate, problem solve, defuse situations and find solutions; resulting in needing less intervention and support from school staff allowing them to get on with their duties and responsibilities


Where required, volunteers and or, Project Managers will attend meetings such as, TAF, Core Groups etc, for  students they are supporting. This is included in all the bought in packages and we do not charge extra for this service.  Full school day packages can also include break and Lunch time drop in sessions as an optional extra support for students. Feedback is also included.

1:1 work

1:1 solution focused mentoring is available to students who may lack in confidence, at risk of permanent exclusion, need support in exam preparations, attendance issues etc. The sessions are between 30-60 minutes depending on student’s age and ability to retain information.

Feedback is sent to a key member of staff within 48 hours of each session via a shared and secure excel spreadsheet.

Group work

Group work sessions are delivered by up to two members of FBS staff. We work with up to three students per group (same sex preferred) between 30-60 minutes depending on the students year group. Students particularly enjoy these sessions as it encourages team work. These sessions can be used for: preparing for exams, building confidence, healthy relationships, keeping themselves safe, attendance etc. 

Family work

Students and their families are invited to take part in solution focused family sessions where the school feels that: the family are hard to reach, there is a communication breakdown between parent(s) and children or parent(s) and school, where there are attendance issues etc.

These can be one off sessions or a series of sessions lasting an hour a session.  

Coaching for Teachers

Coaching is available to teaching staff who would like to adapt a solution focused way of working into their class rooms. Teaching staff are shown how to get the best out of their students without having to spend hours preparing. Solution focused work can be incorporated when differentiating work using the scaling questions. Staff also benefit when setting new targets for themselves and students. Coaching for Teachers is particularly useful to new teaching staff and as part of personal development.

Coaching for support staff

Coaching is available to all support staff who would like to incorporate solution focused techniques when supporting students and ultimately supporting them in reaching their best hopes. Support staff are given tools in engaging with students who may have complex needs and or are lacking confidence in their work. Being self-aware and identifying the positive impact of any non-teaching member of staff is crucial. Staff are trained in assessing themselves and identifying where their strengths lay and how to use those strengths to help students in moving forward. 

1:1 wellbeing support for staff

We understand staff within the education sector may require support too. We offer 1:1 support for staff that are having difficulties with: feeling motivated, their own attendance difficulties, finding a work life balance, coping with change, getting the best out of their students and much more. All 1:1 staff sessions are conducted by  Project Manager’s either from the FBS office or school. Feedback will not be given to referring manager’s unless there is a safeguarding issue. 

School events / training

 We are more than happy to attend school coffee mornings, information fairs etc to talk to parents on the following topics: Encouraging good school attendance, supporting your child through school transitions and exams, Positive parenting and the importance of working with the school.

This is FREE to schools and does not have to be bought in as part of the B.O.S.S package.  Please click here for all staff training and PDC opportunities.   

Our B.O.S.S staff and volunteers

All staff and volunteers are safeguarding trained and hold an enhanced up to date DBS certificate.   The certificates along with a photo ID will be presented to the school for their records before any sessions are conducted. Volunteers are fully trained in Solution Focused Practices and are trained to deliver the B.O.S.S programme to students from ages 7-19. School staff coaching, 1:1 and training are carried out by Project Managers. 


B.O.S.S staff are fully trained in delivering the programme to students. The lead volunteer will always communicate feedback to Project Managers and the Key member of staff at your school within 48 hours of delivery.

The volunteers will adhere to the schools code of conduct and ethos and will incorporate them into the sessions. Staff will report any safeguarding concerns immediately. All other concerns will be reported via a completed concerns form. Staff will attend any meetings regarding the students and families they are working with. This is an additional free service and will not be deducted from any of the sessions.

We will inform the school within 48 hours if we need to cancel any of the sessions.


  • To provide a suitable room for sessions to take place.
  • To allocate a key member of staff who will liaise with the B.O.S.S team
  • To notify the team of any cancellations or time changes as soon as possible
  • To meet with the B.O.S.S lead once a term to review and update
  • To go through school expectations and ethos with lead volunteer before starting sessions
  • To inform Lead volunteer of any upcoming meetings you would like them to attend and or provide a report
  • Staff are expected to obtain written permission from parent(s) before any sessions are carried out
  • Staff are expected to complete a feed back form at the end of the programme