Solution Focused Training

About Solution Focused Practices

Solution-focused Brief practice is an approach based on solution building rather than problem solving. It explores current resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes.

Who can benefit from this approach?

Any persons who are able to think about their future hopes. Trained professionals can use this approach with: children, parents and other professionals/colleagues.

The SF approach is also a good tool in: the classroom, professional meetings, family meetings, target setting, reaching personal and work-related goals, mentoring, working with children with SEND, appraisals, disciplinaries, getting the most out of your staff, individuals with mild/moderate mental health issues and much more. 

SFT for staff in Education, including teaching and non teaching staff

Solution Focused approach can be used in many ways within the school settings. The training focuses on: case studies, getting the best out of your students, empowering students to take responsibility for their own actions and help them move forward. Delegates will have a clear understanding of how they can incorporate solution focused practices into their classrooms with minimal effort. Delegates will be able to use the scaling questions to determine where the students are currently and what needs to happen to go up the scale. The Solution Focused approach can be used in all aspects of the curriculum and in behaviour management. 

SFT for staff in statutory and non-statutory services

The Solution Focused approach is increasingly becoming more popular within social services, Youth Offending Teams etc. The Solution Focused Training concentrates on empowering young people and families in making better choices for themselves. The approach can be used as a tool in supporting clients in coping with set backs, setting targets and recognising small achievable steps towards their desired outcome. Delegates will be able to get the best out of their clients by using their new found questioning skills. Delegates will be able to use this approach when risk assessing and measuring success. The approach can be used as a tool for professionals and family to work together in working towards the best outcome for both parties. 

SFT for Businesses

This is for businesses looking to become more solution focused in their operations. The approach is particularly useful to businesses that are starting new projects, wanting to expand, promoting team work and more. The approach can also be used for staff who may be struggling to feel motivated or are having personal issues that may be effecting their performance at work. 

The SFT can be used in teams to promote good practices and setting targets to work towards desired outcomes. 


In house training

In house training is available to all organisations who wish to incorporate solution focused practices into their operations. Prices depend on number of delegates and location. Travel and accommodation fee’s may apply. Please contact a member of the team for more information.

Solution Focused training dates at FBS

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