Solution Focused Training

Solution-focused Brief practice is an approach based on solution building rather than problem solving. It explores current resources and future hopes rather than present problems and past causes.


Upcoming Training Opportunities

The workshops are suitable for any professional working with children and families i.e education staff, social care, youth offending etc.

The workshops are intended to: build confidence, learn solution focused language, build on our practice, get the best out of our clients, work collaboratively, networking and much more.

We will explore:

  • Problem free talk
  • How to have short and useful conversations
  • What difference we can make to our students when we are at our best
  • Noticing how small changes and lead to bigger outcomes
  • What does working collaboratively look like, how can we do more of it and what difference would it makes?

We will explore solution focused language, assumptions and principles when working with domestic abuse survivors.

We will cover: supporting Survivors and their families and what this looks like, how we can measure progress, working with what works and the Survivor’s preferred future, our own practice and identify what small changes we can make moving forward, useful language, case studies

This workshop is suitable for professionals and parents.

We will explore: What child to parent abuse is, What abuse can look like, How child to parent abuse can affect families, The link between child to parent abuse and adult domestic abuse,  Child to parent abuse and SEND, Moving forward from the abuse, Best hopes, Solution Focused Tools

This workshop will explore:

  • How to use solution focused tools to support clients in identifying what clients would keep and what they would like to improve
  • Using scales to reach a preferred future
  • Goal setting
  • Follow up questions
  • Miracle day

In this training we will explore:

  • How to use solution focused language to promote positive         behaviours
  • Working with SEND
  • Having hope and what that looks like
  • Supporting children in accessing education
  • Collaboratively working and the difference this makes
  • Drawing out strengths and looking for transferable skills

In house training

In house training is available to all organisations who wish to incorporate solution focused practices into their operations. Prices depend on number of delegates and location. Travel and accommodation fee’s may apply. Please contact a member of the team for more information.

For all SF Training enquiries please complete contact us form

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