Funders & Sponsors

Thank you

 The FBS Team thanks all organisations and individuals who have been supporting our charity from the start. We would not have been able to support our families without you. There are many individuals including families we have worked with who we would love to mention on here but they don’t have a logo! They know who they are.

Our Funders

Reaching Communities make grants of over £10,000 in England, supporting organisations with great ideas that enable communities to thrive.  The grants are awarded to voluntary and community organisations or social enterprises for up to five years. 

City Bridge Trust is the funding arm of Bridge House Estates. It was established to make use of funds surplus to bridge requirements and provides grants totalling around £20m per year towards charitable activity benefitting Greater London.

The Tudor Trust is an independent charitable trust which supports work which tries to meet the many different needs of people at the margins of our society. They fund a wide range of organisations working to support positive changes in peoples lives and their communities throughout the UK.

Our Sponsors and Thank You's

The Santander Foundation awards grants of up to £5000 to help disadvantaged people make the most of their future.  Discovery Grants support projects that improve people’s knowledge, skills or which provide innovative solutions to overcome social challenges. 

The UK’s leading children’s charity specialising in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. 

Helen qualified as a social worker in 1983 and in 2004 Helen studied for her masters degree where she researched parent abuse as her speciality. This led to Helen’s determination to support and inform to this end she developed her website “holes in the wall” a must visit resource for anyone interested in the latest research and support available for families. 

In Kind Direct inspires product giving for social good. They support not-for-profit organisations and companies to help ensure that everyone has access to life’s essentials and that no usable product goes to waste.  

EVA provides services to local voluntary and community organisations in Enfield. They provide expert support and guidance on governance, financial issues and volunteering matters.   

The Cranfield Trust has a network of highly skilled volunteer management consultants who share their knowledge and experience with charities. They provide free, independant advice and support on everything from business planning, to charity governance and financial management.

Theatre is a way of using dance to bring current social issues to the masses. We tell stories through dance and drama and explore issues from knife and gun crime, teenage pregnancy and effects of social media. 

A quality family magazine bringing a fantastic read to all parents and carers who lead busy lifestyles. The magazine covers many interesting articles from the latest fashion, healthy eating and so much more.

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