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History of Family Based Solutions

Past – 2011

Family Based Solutions formerly known as PAARS (parent abuse and reconciliation service) began as a result of  three founders coming across parent abuse in their role as secondary school support workers. It was apparent that the issue did not fit the threshold for social care involvement and was not always dealt with by the police in a way that was useful.  The founders decided that they wanted to try and support families so they started the charity. 

2012 – Now

They began their work in February 2012 with little more than a determination to support families who had nowhere else to turn. When they started the project there were only five organisations across the UK providing any child to parent abuse intervention.  The need for the service was unknown and the research and literature on the issue was very scarce, as most of the support and research came from the US and Australia.


Family Based Solutions works with the whole family to end the cycle of abuse and repair family relationships.  We work with families using the solution focused approach which gives the family full control in the direction of the work and each family member has a part to play in moving the family towards their preferred future. 

The family are in the role of the expert as they will understand their family better than we ever will.  The families identify their own outcomes from the sessions which they then work towards by taking small manageable steps. 

Each family is supported by two practitioners. This gives the family members an opportunity to discuss the challenges and agree a way forward so they no longer require our services.

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We accept referrals from all agencies and families can also self-refer.

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