The Power of Love – OUT NOW!


Enfield, London based domestic abuse charity ‘Family Based Solutions’ have teamed up with local stars and businesses to release a cover of ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News.

“2020 has been serious and dark enough, we just wanted to do something to showcase the amazing things happening in our community; both locally and internationally” says Family Based Solutions (FBS) co-founder Ayse Adil. “’The Power of Love’ from Back to the Future isn’t really a Christmas song, but I think it’s the kind of Christmas song we need this year!”

The charity was founded in 2012 and since then has helped more than 600 families in the local area that have suffered domestic abuse. A team meeting about fundraising lead to a joke about recording a charity single, which then became a single and a video and ended up being a production that evolved into something bigger than Joe or Ayse had initially imagined (and if they had, they probably wouldn’t have agreed to it).

The track was recorded entirely by the team, with help from the local community allowing the video to become a reality.

Local professionals and businesses were drafted in to help on the technical side while X Factor stars (and local talent) ‘The Lewis Sisters’ also appear in the video, alongside ‘Euro Drag 2020’ favourite Sissy Lea (local Drag Queen and café owner extraordinaire). Loving Local Enfield founder Joy Cowley-Smith also makes a cameo!

Enfield theatre ‘The Dugdale’ centre donated use of their premises, with theatre manager and Enfield community linchpin Paul Everitt saying “this is truly amazing and we are more than happy to support a local charity.”

The charity work with families experiencing child to parent abuse, a seldom talked about issue. They use a Solution Focused approach, working with clients to focus on their strengths and preferred futures to build solutions, rather than the more common approach of focussing on family’s problems.

Joe Lettieri, FBS co-founder explains, “We just wanted to have fun, to raise awareness of what we’re doing, why it’s so important we keep doing it and hopefully make some money so that we can do more of it.”

They also enlisted the help of their international colleagues. During lockdown Ayse and Joe launched ‘FBS Chats’ to interview Solution Focussed practitioners around the globe to talk about their work, their approaches and as a way of building ties within their community; something they are already known for in their local community. “For us, it’s just a continuation of what we’re doing in Enfield. We believe in the power of community, whether that’s round here, or internationally over Zoom. People have amazing ways of finding solutions when they work together.”

Family Based Solutions are ready to show the world that the power of community, is in fact, The Power of Love.

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